A new blog from Bishop Gates

For some time I have wanted to open a new channel of communication with you, members of our diocesan community. My visitation schedule allows only for relatively infrequent in-person conversation at any given parish. My postings to the diocesan website have tended towards official statements, press releases, and program endorsements. These are important, but limited in the ways they can allow me to share more broadly things that are on my mind.

So herewith begins a new blog from your bishop diocesan. I envision a vehicle flexible enough for a variety of postings: spiritual essays; personal reflections on recent experience; matters of importance in our common life. I anticipate a roughly bi-weekly frequency.

This will doubtless evolve in shape and character. I hope to have some fun with it. I also hope it might deepen our sense of connection in the life we share.

Faithfully and fondly,

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